Norio Shibata compiled this dictionary in collaboration with the people of Tongareva (Penrhyn). It was part of a project, called the Endangered Languages of the Pacific Rim, which began in 1999. Data for this dictionary was collected mainly from 2000 to 2002.

The informants who provided most of the data were:

  • Mr Vīniki Tereora
  • Rev. Temere Pōaru
  • Mr Kirikava Moerangi/li>
  • Mr Rākōroa Matara
  • Mrs Māpere Matara
  • Mrs Tōmanu Samuel
  • Mr Pūrua Heria
  • Mrs Doreen Elia/Heria

The dictionary was published in February, 2003, but is now out of print. Shibata, Norio (ed.) 2003. Penrhyn-English Dictionary. (ELPR Publications Series A1-005). Kyoto: Nakanishi.

Digitization of the Penrhyn-English Dictionary was undertaken by Te Ipukarea, AUT University. The following people typed the dictionary onto a spreadsheet which VO2 Web Design loaded onto the website for checking:

  • Josephine Poutama
  • Ena Manuireva
  • Benita Simati-Kumar
  • Ayla Hoeata
  • Sonia Mehana
  • Uia (John) Patolo
  • Tania Smith

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